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Day-Cation Series:

A series on mini- getaways only a few hours from NYC

Falling Into Vermont

October 20, 2018

I never used to like fall. The cool weather. Raking up leaves in front of my childhood home. Fall and winter were just never my favorite times of the year. But as with the times, things are always subject to change.

On my pursuit to visit every state in the northeast, Vermont was next in line. Vermont seemed like one of those “drive through” states with nothing to do or see. It was quite the opposite... especially in autumn.

On a road trip drive with my bestie, I truly enjoyed fall foliage like never before. Vermont has this peacefulness that I had not experienced in a state before. It was a “Fall-topia.”

Our first stop was Champlain Apple Orchards. The last time I went apple picking was in upstate New York. Vermont was such a different Apple picking experience compared to then.

For one, the apples looked so vibrant and fresh. There were signs specifying which apples you were picking. They even had unique names for the apples like “The Mac” and "Liberty."

After my first horse and buggy ride and going “apple picking crazy,” we got an opportunity to try different types of hard cider at the apple cider tasting only a few feet away from the orchards. There was maple cider. There was ginger cider. I didn’t know all these types of cider existed until now.

From there, I got even more intoxicated and went to a winery 30-minutes away. The wine tasting that we had there was an autumn delight but one thing that I could not forget was the goat cheese. The Goat Cheese! I had never tasted goat cheese like this before. It was so creamy and tasted like cheesy butter on top of my multigrain crackers. I don’t think I could ever find goat cheese like this again. It was a Vermont delicatessen that just melted in my mouth.

Although we ran out of time to see the rest of The Green Mountain State, there was still plenty more places to visit. For instance, Vermont also has a food tour where you can taste fried cider donuts as well as some famous Ben & Jerry ice cream. It would have also been nice to see a closer view of the mountain range. Camel's Hump is one of the tallest mountains in Vermont. Therefore, if I had a chance to go back, it would definitely be a site to see... along with the chance to once again indulge in some of their creamy goat cheese.  LOL. 

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