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My First Trip... FIRST CLASS (an unconventional traveler's poem)

It was a bucket list dream

YASSS.... My first trip... #FIRSTCLASS

"ATTENTION! We are now boarding first class members ONLY."

That's me!  I thought.

For the first time... THAT WAS ME!

Sistah to the right of me gave me that homegirl look as I passed

Hell yeah, mama!  I said to myself. 

They're calling my name!

I walked onto the plane and found my seat 


I sat down and could stretch my legs in front of me

The seats were WIIIDDDEE!!!

There was finally space for my bag in the overhead compartment

"Can I get you anything to drink, Ms. Ashley?" 

Wow,  I thought. 

The stewardess knows my name! 

"I'll take a cranberry juice please," I told her.

"Would you like it with alcohol?" she asked.

OMG... is that included? I thought. 

"In first class, you can get whatever you want," she added.


Did I mention the seats were WIIDDEEE???

Even the windows looked cleaner 

I could see straight outside onto the tarmac

I could tell this was going to be a great ride

An hour and a half to #Atlanta 

So far... It was a smooth ride

European outlets at my disposal on an American owned airline

A private bathroom with a flight attendant at my beck and call

This was an experience 

Not what I was used to

Meal of the day...

Sushi with sesame seed rice and vegetables

A side of grilled chicken

A separate side dish with mixed nuts

Chocolate Tiramisu cake! 

"Would you like anything else, Ms. Ashley?" 

How could I want more?

Everyone should get to experience this at least once in their life

This was all a simple girl from New York could ask for

on her first FIRST CLASS... 

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