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PT&V Vid Experience:

Come Travel With Me Without Leaving Home!



A city where you can splash in thermal pools all day and party to the shimmer of fireworks on a New Year's Eve night! 



Come with me to Paris, Italy, Dublin and the great city of 'the queen'... London!


 It's right in the backyard of the US but it feels like its own country. To the Lone Star State... Howdy, Texas!


Some say it's just the place of Hitler but Germany has way much more history and tradition that stems back before WW2. Take a trip with me to the land where the beers keep pouring!

Iceland, Amsterdam and Portugal...

(Oh, my!) 

The year 2022 opened us up to places we'd never dreamed we could travel. Come with me to see The Northern Lights, enjoy some fun canals and sip the finest wine on this mini-adventure. Saude! 


Travel with me throughout the Amazon Rainforest to the city of Cuzco in Peru. We'll feed alpacas and climb to the top of Machu Picchu! Vamonos!


Known as the "Land of the Talewah," Jamaica's culture and its style of dance brings visitors straight back to the motherland!


From "vodka nights" to cruising around the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia is simply the place to be on those cold wintery nights. 


Mystic temples, Buddhist monuments and elephants walking down the sides of streets. Khap Koon Kah, Thailand! Thank you for sharing your amazing glory.

Aruba... The Aloe Vera Country

COVID-19 couldn't keep me away for too long! Come with me to an island full of exotic birds and blissful beaches. Aruba, Bon Bini! 


Here is where culture and life began! Egypt was my first experience abroad and an unforgettable one at best!


Unlike any other place in the world, India is full of humility and strength. Follow me half way around the world to a land that is both paradise and despair.

NY State of Mind

And this place is where it all began for me. It's one of the grittiest cities of the world but it truly is the city that, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! A tribute to New York City.

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