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5 Tips for THRIVING in Adventure During the #Corona-Apocalypse

I know...It sucks! It's frustrating sitting around in the house for over a month. I mean, how many more Netflix series can you possibly watch before you are hanging off the side of your sofa wondering, "Ugh what do I do next?" 

Right now, we are all feeling trapped inside of our homes, mesmerizing about the days when you were able to book a trip to an island or a new excursion overseas. HAVE FAITH MY TRAVEL COMPANIONS! The days of adventure are coming like winter in an episode of Game of Thrones. Until the decision is made on when we can return to life as we've known it, here are 5 tips on how to still thrive "adventure-wise" during this tough season: 

Tip 1: Create a 1 Night a Week #AtHome Cultural Experience!

Phew! That was a mouthful! This experience will immerse you in the ambiance of a country that you might just want to travel to when the "corona-pocalypse" is over. 

This is how you create it: Pick one country on one night of the week (I preferably like Saturday nights). Choose a food delivery app and order a dish or two from that country. Then, go to your closet and pick out what you would wear if you were in that country for a romantic night out. Look on Youtube and pick out a video with music and vivid scenery from that country. Find anything you can in your house that can add to the ambiance and the mood of the country. 

Once the food is delivered, sit for an hour and enjoy the food and the cultural experience that you've created. Even close your eyes for a moment during the meal and just enjoy the sounds and the smell of the food from the country that you've chosen. Really embrace the experience that you've created because, one day, all of this can be real. You might just decide to visit this country months or years from now. 

Tip 2: Learn/ Improve on a New Language

Maybe you've wanted to work on your Spanish but just didn't have the time? Well, now you have plenty of it! 

This is the time to brush up on your language skills so that when the travel ban is lifted, you will be able to communicate with others on your next trip abroad. 

There are several #languageclasses that are being offered online. Lots of language schools have had to transition to online classes due to the pandemic. There are even chat groups where you can practice with other learners. And as you are learning your new language or advancing in a language that you learned in the past, look up some of their local customs. Find out as much as you can so that on your next trip, you will be fully prepared. 

Tip 3: Create a Vision Board! 

This ties into the previous tip. What places do you want to see in your lifetime? In fact, where do you see yourself living in the next 5 years? Grab a poster board, some markers, some magazines and some glue. Let's get started! 

A #visionboard is simply a poster board filled with all of your dreams and goals that you want out of life. It's a visual way of keeping you focused on the path ahead of you and, with time and faith, allowing the universe to take your dreams and manifest them into reality. 

This is the time to grab a glass of wine and some snacks, turn on some calming music and create the life you want right on this poster board. The idea might sound crazy but it has worked for several celebrities such as LisaRaye and Adrienne Bailon from The Cheetah Girls. Therefore, anything is possible. 

Tip 4: Spend "A Day at the Beach"

Okay, this won't be the same as having the sand at your feet and the waves brushing against your swimsuit but this is the next best thing.

Online is an amazing tool to have during the "corona- pocalype" because you can literally find anything on it. Therefore, grab your beach towel, some suntan lotion and a beach umbrella with a tasty sandwich and find a video of beach on your laptop. If you love the shores of Hawaii, find a video of Waikiki Beach. The experience will be even better if you have an HDMI port on your laptop or a Smart TV. You can connect the internet to your flatscreen and have an even better view for your "day at the beach." 

Tip 5: Yoga & Meditation

I believe this is the most important tip of them all. You need to be grounded at this time. Yoga and meditation are the best tools for giving you the patience and the mental strength for dealing with this time. 

Grab your yoga mat and find a quiet place where you can be one with yourself and your laptop. Again, there are amazing videos online for clearing your mind of fear through powerful asanas (yoga poses) and guided-meditations. Take advantage of these classes. 

Adventure-wise, it connects you with ancient practices from India as well as all over the world. It's important to center yourself now so that after this crisis is over, you will be mentally ready for the next part of your journey through life. 

The saying is as old as time: "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade." It's hard to not struggle getting through this time but there's still so much to gain from it. We can create our own experiences by using this time to challenge ourselves and seek adventure in another way. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP FELLOW TRAVELERS! THE ROAD TO YOUR NEXT DESTINATION IS NOT TOO FAR AWAY. 

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