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WOC Entrepreneurs Making Moves at NYT Travel Show 2020!

Spending time at the #NewYorkTimesTravelShow is always an experience. Trying different types of #Internationalcuisine .  Engaging in camaraderie with attendees from last year and the years before. Exploring your creative side while painting Taiwanese umbrellas, as well as, drawing your name in calligraphy. Not to mention sampling European wine and chocolate liqueur from Aruba. 

But in the midst of all of these things happening at once, it was inspiring to see women of color expanding their clientele at a travel show that is known for always going #big

Typhanie Lynch, the CEO and founder of Globetrotting Sistars, LLC (, was promoting her travel company that's focus is on empowering more women of color to travel. Her past tours have included trips to Ghana, Tanzania, Negril, Cartagena and Columbia. And, if you are in the city and not ready to make any travel plans as of yet, her company promotes events that are not too far away from home. These events include Mother's Day packages and a trip to Martha's Vineyard. 

In addition to WOC-owned travel agencies, why not find out which country is aligned with your cosmic energy? It was a pleasure to meet travel astrologer Kim Allen at the travel show. Who would have known that your astrological sign could determine which country is best for you to visit and what time of the year is best for you to travel? 

On Ms. Allen's website (, she offers #dailyastrologies as well as a monthly astrology listing what will be your best days of the month as well as your worst days. All of her psychic reading packages are listed on her site, making it super easy to figure out which one is best for you. 

As well as WOC entrepreneurs expanding their businesses, there were also some other interesting changes at the travel show. The LGBTQ Pavilion switched sides this year, adding a bigger photo op area. Although a few popular destinations were not in attendance this year, such as Puerto Rico and Cuba, the travel show still remains a fun place to spend a Saturday afternoon as well as a place for amazing women to promote their small travel businesses and build a rapport with new clients. 

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